Monday, November 9, 2009

Poll Results

It’s time once again to review our poll results. Really interesting results if you ask me and I am surprised with the results. The question that was asked this time around was: “Would it bother you if your personal trainer was over weight / out of shape.” I really thought the results would be similar to the previous poll which asked “Would it botther your trainer was a smoker” but the results were quite different. Surprise Surprise.

A whopping 76% of people said “Yes” it would bother them if their trainer was overweight and out of shape. I was one of them who voted here as well and reason being that if you are in the industry of helping people look fit, then you have to look fit as well. Another point to add is, it is a legal matter as well. What do I mean? I heard about this Industrial Court case where an employee was fired from her Company because she put on weight. Being appalled by this, the employee goes to the Industrial Relations Office to make a complaint. The issue goes up to court and in court, the judge ruled in the favour of the employer, meaning that the employer had full legal right to terminate the employee for putting on weight. Reason being, the the employee was working as a consultant for a slimming center. How is she going to consult people about weight loss, if she herself looks like she needs to lose weight? So because of this reason, I voted for this.

5% said “it’s OK as long as their trainer knows their stuff”. Again, these people felt that as long as their trainer can help them shed their unwated weight, then who cares what their trainer looks like themselves. Or some may have the fantasy of knowing that the student has surpassed the teacher – too many olden day kung fu movies.

2% said its OK if they are older. OK, here is where I am a bit more compassionate, because I know some people who used to be fit when they were younger, look a little out of shape now that they are much older. But you can still see some semblence that the person was fit at one time. Like a lot of ex body builders out there. Of course their body is not at it’s peak, but at the same time, one look at their body and you know they used to be fit at one point. Of course one may argue that there still are old people out there who look fit, so what’s the excuse for these people? No excuse, but they could have an injury or illness which we don’t know about - which prevents them from being fit today, but since they have years of experience and knowledge, why can’t they be a personal trainer today? I guess for me is, how unfit do they look today.

Lastly, there were about 14% of people who said they don’t really care what their trainer looks like. I am guessing that some people feel more comfortable around a trainer who is a little overweight compared to a super ripped trainer. People who are overweight can feel a little self conscious with someone who is super ripped and toned. Also, trainers who are overweight are more likely to understand the obstacles you face as another overweight person and will be more compassionate about it. I am not sure about these points, but I am just guessing. Perhaps some of the people who voted for this answer can share why they chose this asnwer.
So what was your vote and what was your reason. Do share and as usual, look forward to hearing your comments.


Aizan Suhaira said...

It would bother me if a trainer is overweight/unfit. How a trainer looks is testimony that he practices what he preaches. Imagine taking instructions on how to gain muscle mass from a trainer who looks like a blob of fat. Cruel? Maybe. But if you're in the fitness industry then you have to look the part.

Rajan said...

Aizan: Thanks for your feedback. Totally agree with you which is why i voted that it is important for them to look fit.

But somehow i still see that there are many overweight trainers in the gym today.

The Corporate Athlete said...

my problem is that I did not pack up enough muscles. they expect me to be very muscular with a 45" chest. :)

Rajan said...

CA: IF you stopped running, i am sure your chest will grow. hehehehehe

But since your focus is on weight loss and endurance, and i am sure you more than qualify in terms of looking fit.

Lexis Excellence said...

I used to work for a fitness company (not giving out any names here) and the bulk of what we did was try to sell fitness tuition to the public. That is, we called them up, tried to get them to come in and sign up for the courses. The courses were like secondary school classes where you learned some of the biology of fitness and exercise. If you passed an overly simple multiple choice exam, you got a certification.

The owner of this place (a "fitness academy", remember) smoked, drank, was like 20% bodyfat, rarely exercised, ate nothing but junk, and didn't get along well with anyone. When I tried using my lunch breaks to do my workouts, I got told that I would have to choose whether I wanted to be fit, or work for a fitness company. Like you had to choose!

For my actual lunch I'd bring in carrot sticks, celery, lean chicken breast - you know, fitness food. This always pissed off the owner. He couldn't stand when someone working for him was walking the talk and he wasn't. I guess some people are actually bothered when their personal trainer -IS- in shape!