Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Eating Plan to Help You Lose Weight

Due to requests from many friends, I have decided to post up a healthy food plan for everyone to follow. Lot of people tell me that the exercises I prescribe are exellent, but it would be much better if I tied it up with a great eating plan as well. People want to know what they should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to see weight loss without having to starve themselves. So due to popular request, here is a simple eating plan for all. This plan is designed to help you lose weight. If you want to gain weight, then that is a whole different story… maybe I will cover that some time later. But here it is.

Before getting into the basics of the eating plan, just want to lay down a few ground rules.

1) Stick to the 3 meals prescribed below and only eat that. Don’t stray from it and munch anything in between. Yes, I am aware that dieticians are screaming for people to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals. But I noticed, most people tend to overeat (meaning 6 big portions) when allowed to eat 6 times a day. So first master 3 meals a day, and then we will progress to the 6 meal plan later.
2) With that being said, it doesn’t pay to skip meals either. Stick to your 3 meals no matter what.
3) Keep your sweet drinks to a minimum. Biggest problem I notice among most Malaysians – “I don’t eat rice, I don’t eat roti canai… how come still fat?” Then I find out 1 cup of coffee in the morning, 1 cup of Milo during meeting, 1 cup of teh ais during lunch, 1 teh tarik in the evening, 1 sirap bandung for dinner. If you add up all the calories there, it's nearly 1000 Kcal. Not saying no sweet drinks, just try to keep it to 2 if you can.
4) Snacking – This is one of the biggest culprits for people gaining weight. Whatever you do, please do not snack between meals. The worst thing to snack on is potato chips and sorts, which does not fill you up but super high in calories. If you must snack, snack on healthy things like fruits, whole meal crackers etc.
5) If you must indulge in anything that isn't healthy, do it right after your workout. This way you get to minimize the damage to your waist line.
6) Never binge eat. Some people who go for lunch or dinner late, tend to binge eat because they are extra hungry. Stay focused on how much you would normally eat and stick to it. Never over eat.
7) Progressively try to reduce your food intake as you move along. A good benchmark is to cut down every month. Cut down your food quantity by about 5% to 10% every month until you finally reach your goal. So cut it down, maintain that new portion size for one month and the cut it down again.

OK now that I got the ground rules out of the way, here is what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The size of the portion will depend on you. So start off by eating the quantity you would normally eat, and then try to reduce it slowly every month.

1) Sandwich using whole meal bread. Load up on the vege’s that go on sandwiches such as tomatoes, onions and salad. Cut back on condiments especially margarine & mayonaise and avoid fried fillings and of course, stay away from cheese if you can. Examples of good sandwich fillings – ham, tuna, egg, de-boned tandoori chicken (left over from dinner the previous day)
2) Cereal – The more grains it has, the better. One of the worst cereal to eat is corn flakes and those other kid cereals like Koko Crunch, Fruit Loops and Honey Star.
3) Half boiled eggs – just add a dash of kicap and pepper for taste.

1) Mixed rice – whether it is Malay, Chinese or Indian mixed rice, your rice portion should only be as big as your clenched fist. Load up on vege as much as you can. Avoid deep fried dishes
2) Chapati with curry of your choice
3) Subway Sandwich
4) Roasted meats – Eg, Ayamas Roaster, Kenny Rogers
5) Thosai (some places have thosai telur and thosai sardin. These are fine too)
6) Grilled Fish / Chicken or Steaks
7) Chicken Rice – The trick here is to eat less of the rice and more of the chicken. Remember, the rice portion should be the size of your clenched fist.
8) Simple rule – Avoid all goreng-goreng foods. From poori to fried chicken to fried rice to french fires. If it’s fried, you should avoid it.

1) Salad – you can either make your own, or if you go out, order a salad for dinner. If you are eating out, always always get them to serve the dressing separately.
2) Fruits – Cut up some of you favourite fruits and fill up on these healthy food. Avoid Durian and watermelons. You can even make a fruit rojak if you like. Just buy the sauce, but use it sparingly.
3) Thosai
4) Tandoori Chicken
5) Sandwiches – same as the breakfast menu
6) Home Made Pasta – I will feature a recipe for you to try soon
7) Home Made burgers
8) Home made Roast meat
9) Taufu Bakar

The foods above are just a guide on what kinds of food you should be eating. Feel free to mix and match. If you can avoid all variety of fried foods and food heavy on simple carbohydrates you will be about 70% safe already, which is a lot already. Pair this up with a good work out routine, and you will be able to see the fat just melt away. Try it out and see. Of course there are loads of other healthy options out there, so please share if you think of any. Look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for other healthy eating options.


Jazlyn said...

my challenge would be, staying in a campus with either oily, fried or cheesy creamy food.

i can't cook and i have no fridge but this is what i had today :-

breakfast :- milo cereal grain (one packet)

lunch :- vegetarian mix rice ( 1/4 of rice with veggie, potato, tofu and i think i should have skipped the small portion of fried bittergourd )

dinner :- wholemeal bread + orange marmalade ( with no added sugar )

i did snack on oatmeal apple cookie (2 pieces), sunflower seeds (a fist full) and hi iron crackers (3 pieces)

not sure if i'm doing it right but hopefully better than my previous menu consisting of no breakfast and fried rice for dinner.

plain corn flakes is a no no too? i usually thought it's healthier than those sugary sweet koko crunch and honey stars =D

Rajan said...

Jazlyn: i commonly hear people having no choice in campus cafeteria's. I have writen some postings on eating out previously... have a look and see if it helps. But i think despite that, you are doing a great job. keep it up.

Just might want to change the cereal to a whole grain kind. The snacks you have chosen are great choices actually... but if you can, cut them out and i guarantee you will see results.

Plain corn flakes is a no no as well because it is actually very high in calories. so thats why the whole grain cereals are far better.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo raj,

hey, my breakfast (mixed fruit juice freshly blended) is pretty much beres but i'm a little surprised cornflakes isnt exactly our everyday healthy meal. why is that macha?

as i always said, lunch time is when i normally sangkut. since i dont take any solid food in the morning, i believe thats pretty much the reason why i always starve even before noon.

tea time, a mug of instant coffee.

and dinner strictly no rice BUT still difficult to avoid other frying stuff such as burger & fries, mee goreng mamak etc...

veggies and salad alone susah la bro.

Jazlyn said...

oh yeah, i forgot to ask two questions :-

1. is it ok if i take food like fried bihun for breakfast or lunch? are they worse or better than a plate of rice (like fried rice)?

2. running on one spot, does it give the same effect as jogging?

Rajan said...

Kerp: Your fresh juice in the morning is great... but like you said, byt lunch, your stomach will be screaming for food. maybe you want to eat something as well in the morning, this way you are less likely to binge eat during lunch.

Corn Flakes is actually high in calories bro... that's why its not the prefered choice. of course it is better than nasi lemak, but at the same time there are other healthier options as well.

Dinner.... no rice is a good start, but mee mamak and other fried stuff can be worse than rice. So you might want to re-consider and maybe try lighter things like what i recommended.

Hope this helps bro.

Rajan said...

Jazlyn: Good questions.

Answers 1)Fried stuff is bad. Be it fried rice, fried bihun, fried me, fried chicken. If can, try your best to avoid this. Maybe you want to have bihun sup (clear soup) instead of fried bihun.

2) Running on the spot takes far less energy than jogging outside. Try this experiment. see how long you can jog on the spot for. Just say you can jog on the spot for 30 minutes. Now try to jog outside non stop for 30 mins... see the difference? :-)

Alexis said...

I want to try this too..Ever since i gained back all i had lose, I been very depressed about it and can't wait to get everything off..will post about the progress now and then..

Rajan said...

Alexis: Yes, please do update us. Maybe you can share what you are planning on doing for the benefit of the other readers too.

Good luck on your quest.

Erin said...

I eat fresh fruits in the morning, lunch at 12 noon and dinner in the evening. I avoid all fried food and unhealthy carbs like you said. is it okay to eat dinner in the evening? because i don't really eat at night, and if i do, i eat fruits just like you said. I've even started cycling 30 mins everyday 5 times a week. Its a slow process but i've lost 1.5kg so far. thanks for the advice :D

Rajan said...

Hi Erin,

your diet plan looks good actually.

Answer to your questions:

Yes, its ok to eat dinner in the evening. Just do your best to eat at least 2 hours before you sleep. So if you sleep at about 11pm, try not to eat anything after 9.

Cycling 5 times a day for 30 mins is great. To spice it up, try this:-
cycle at a slow / moderate speed for 3 minutes. The cycle as fast as you can for 1 minute. Reduce to your original speed and 3 minutes later, burst again. Keep doing this till your full 30 minutes is done. You will see more results.

Lost 1.5kg.... that's awesome. Keep going and you will lose more. At one point, you are going to suddenly realize that you can't lose anymore weight... at that point, let me know and i will tell you what to do next. Hope this helps.

Alexis said...

didn't follow this, cause its really mum have a particular love of criticize my every decision which makes her my SABOTEUR and now, i'm 64 but thats because i binge in last night but the day when i'm good, its 62..say, is it possible to lose on 2000 calories a day for a sedentary teenager? like 17..

Jen said...

Hi there!

I would like to know whether is it okay if i go for the following menu :

1) Breakfast - Rolled oats (1 bowl) - no milk or any add ons

2) Lunch - 2 slices of wholemeal bread (with hard boiled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, tomatoes sauce - no mayonoise)

3) Dinner - same with my lunch

In between, before lunch and dinner, i will eat 1-2 pcs of fruits (e.g pears/persimmons/apples)

Can i also have snacks like roated almonds and low fat cheese (kraft singles)?


Lexis Excellence said...

I actually think you might change your meal recommendations once I show you the nutrition course... What you have here is good, but there are a number of ways you can definitely improve it. Hopefully we'll meet up this weekend.

Lexis Excellence said...

Also - one more thing... just read Jazlyn's comment...

Why dont you make your own food and bring it with you to school? For example, get yourself 2 or 3 small Tupperware containers, and stuff one with lean chicken breast, the other with egg whites, and the other with fresh veggies like spinach and broccoli.

The veggies are best when raw, so you dont have to cook them. Lean chicken breast strips dont take long to cook, and you can always buy a steamer real cheap, and steam your eggs in the morning. Only takes 20 mins. You can do this while getting dressed even. Doesn't take much time.

Stuff those containers into your backpack and go to school. Now you got 3 healthy meals right there... if you want to practice the eat-every-3-hours technique, you can do that too. Those meals should hold you over for around 9 hours or so.

I know its a pain in the ass, but nothing worth doing was ever easy. Plus, once you get this down as part of your routine, and you get into the groove of it, it wont seem like much trouble.

You -=ALWAYS=- have a choice.

Jasmine said...

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daniel yusof said...

hi...i ve started hit the gym 2 monts ago n i lose weight 5kg until this moment...sikit sgt la bro...rase mcm tak berbaloi...i do jogs, cycling, a do some light dumbell thing...

about the food, i really surprised that regular cornflakes is a no..

n i did eat small portions..
breakfast, whole meal bread sandwiches/60cents gardenia bread(the corn or chocolete one)/ dutchlady coffee milk.

prelunch snacks: cream crakers & cup of milo

lunch: nasi lauk as usual..but small portion of rice as u told..much veggies

dinner: either nasi lauk like lunch or bread...

and i ate a lot of fruits all day.... oranges, banana, apples, carrots, watermelon etc etc

and alot of water..i really avoid sweet drinks..

what say u??

and is it good to eat a lot of fruits everyday?

Frederik Talloen said...

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It help me alot to get weight loss tips.

albert nyau said...

very good imformation on why Malaysian are overweight without knowing why. We drink too much empty calories, eat too much carb. Choose low-carb diet rather than low-fat diet will help a lot on lose weight, actually should be losing fat rather than weight.

sai krupa said...

The terms which you had given on the diet control for weight loss are very reliable to have for the better reduction of weight, Really good pro-forma... Thanks.

Kevin Evans Tay said...

If I just follow your meal plan without exercise, will I still lose weight? and takes how long to see the result?

istadartiah shamsudin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
istadartiah shamsudin said...

i want to ask, is it okay to replace rice with oat?

secondly, is my diet plan is healthy?

a cup of anlene milk (at 7)
fruits and a pack of oatkrunch (at 10)

white bread spread with butter

dishes without rice such as tomyam or soup

a cup on anlene milk again

James Parker said...

Thanks Rajan For the write up. I love the diet plan you recommended. It works for me. However, i watched this video by Dr Oz. He explains about this Green Coffee thingi, I am yet to try this out.
Let me know if i should try? My friends tried and seen so much results. :)

May Wong said...

Hi Raj. I think you should try Green Coffee Bean Extract Fat Burner. it helps to burn fats fast without exercising, watch this live testimonial video by Dr Oz.

Nishina Vasu said...

I am a student its hereditary that my family have big hips and so its very difficult for me to loose that weight over that big hips. Im living in my hostel and I usually eat cereal(yogood brand) and i also bread dipped with milo kosong(no sugar added to milo powder) this a good thing?? and nowdays i tend to relapse i get fed up of the same food so i tend to order pizza and rice n overeat.. pls pls help me thanx..

Ms dhillon said...

Hi raj,i need a The best diet plan,is it ok im taking a glass of lemon water before brushing my teeth n also takes lemon water wit my food.wat abt fitness & fruit breakfast cereal Every morning,wat can u suggest for lunch n dinner.everymorning n evening i go jogging,i just need to loose weight,can i take gardenia loaf bread with curry,

Jeremy Jerome said...

Bro.. I need help..

I want to lose weight but my weight keeps maintaining but my body get bigger.. Y is that?

And if i do interval training daily for 45 minutes.. Is it possible to reduce 40% of my body weight in 1 month plus to 2 months?

Kathryn said...

Apa khabar.

I have had success with weight loss here in Australia. Here is what I did:

30 to 1 hour cardio 5 to 6 days a week (after getting fitness evel up first) and 30 mins with personal trainer. If you cannot afford the gym or a personal trainer, please research INTERVAL TRAINING which you can also do in a park.

Weight loss is faster if you do the above, but even if you can't do any exercises, then reduce your calories. Research diets which are right for your lifestyle. I recommend Atkins for shorter term super fast weight loss, and for longer term, the alkaline or whole foods diet for health.

Look up any weight loss automatic calculator for your body weight and gender etc and find your daily caloric intake figure for weight loss and also for maintenance (meaning you eat that many calories, you don't lose or add weight).

Main thing is, stay away from sugar and baked goods with sugar or refined and processed foodstuff which convert to sugar (breads, pasta, pizza, noodles). Watch the sugar from fruit you eat too. Try to eat fruits with low sugar content (strawberries, blackberries) and do not add sugar at all to anything. Starchy carbs also convert to sugar so watch the amount you eat or just drop it altogether while you are trying to lose weight.

Try to eat whole foods and more steamed or lightly boiled green vegetables, especially broccoli, asparagus, siew pak choy. Add extra virgin olive oil to dress your cooked veggies and use only good sea salt for seasoning. Try to find Maldon sea salt from Essex, UK or any French "Fleur de sel" as these salts make any vegetable taste so much better. Of course, get your veggies from a good source (preferably not China etc). Vegetables should taste very good, and if they don't taste that good, you know they are not good quality or grown well.

Last but not least, DRINK LOTS OF WATER which really helps with weight loss and to keep you hydrated for exercise and to keep you full. Most of the time if we are already eating well, and if we still feel slightly hungry in between meals, it is when we need water and not that we are hungry.

Remember, weight loss is very gradual and takes time but everyone and anyone can do it. Give yourself a target and stick with your exercise program and a very good diet. If you have one unhealthy meal, don't lose your focus, just get back to normal immediately. One meal isn't going to ruin much over time. Aim to lose between 500g to 1 kg per week. Any more than that is actually unnatural, unhuman and very dangerous and will not be long term weight loss. So calculate your ideal weight, and count how many weeks or months it will take you to lose all your excess weight if you lost 500g to 1 kg per week. And don't lose hope or faith if you don't lose for a week or two.

krystal D said...

i will try this.. do u have any recipes to make a healthy food..^.^

Kathryn said...

My recipes?

Actually when trying to lose weight, I hardly cook. My breakfast/brunch is:

1/4 cup (or 1/3 cup) raw weight of oats (plain quick cooking rolled oats, no sachets, no pre-flavoured).

I cook this in water only, then I add two egg whites and some pre-soaked wakame (seaweed - the type in miso soup). No added seasoning and I got used to the blandness and the flavour. This is the most drastic weight loss meal I have had and which helped me lose the most weight.

If you prefer your egg whites cooked, whisk them into the oats before cooking.

On different days, I add cayenne pepper to taste, maybe a pinch of turmeric before cooking the oats. Then, instead of the eggs, I will add a tin of sardines (in spring water or tomato sauce), and a crushed clove of garlic after the oats are cooked. I top this off with freshly chopped coriander or parsley and some soy sauce to taste. This is absolutely delicious.

I found oats kept me full for many hours (around 5 or six hours sometimes). You can add tuna or salmon or any fresh fish or seafood if you don't like sardines. But sardines including bones is a great source of calcium (as much as a glass of milk).

At lunch and dinner, I will have a piece of steamed or poached fish or a piece of salmon sashimi (raw at a Japanese restaurant). I will have a whole head of broccoli, topped with roasted red capsicum and drizzled with extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and soy sauce to taste (both oil and soy sauce you can add according to how much you like). Or I will have a fresh green leaf salad.

If you eat clean and healthy like this, and walk between 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, you will definitely lose weight in 2-3 months.

Just don't forget to eliminate all bread, pasta, noodles, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, and all wheat products and also don't eat any fruit until you have lost most of your weight. Fruit is high in sugar and sugar keeps your belly bloated and sugar is the reason most people don't lose weight. Anything which converts to sugar is also a big problem.

You don't have to leave all these things out of your diet for your whole life - just until you have lost all your excess weight.

Just during your weight loss period only, stay off dairy and any dairy or fruit drinks containing sugar. READ ALL INGREDIENTS LIST, but try to avoid all processed foods and prepackaged goods. The more you stick to natural foods, the better the fuel for you body. Your skin will also start to look better. When you walk, make sure it is at a pace where you sweat. Sweating will help your body eliminate toxins and make your skin glow.

Good luck and get a phone app like "My Fitness Pal" and count your calories. Calculate your BMI etc and find out what intake of calories will make you lose weight rather than maintain weight.

rara's corner said...

I have a question, I always eat breakfast with Quaker oat, because it taste very plain is it OK to mix with a tea spoon of milo?

MoLangley said...

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Albert Gonjalvis said...

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Shahrul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shahrul said...

Losing weight is 90% eating, 10% exercise. That's according to Venus Factor, a weight loss guide for women.

nabil muhd said...

Plz help with my diet
I dont know whether im doing it right or wrong
Lunch-oat cookie
Dinner-back to quakeroat again

ez Diet said...

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Jermaine Aaron said...

Hey is eating chicken, pork ,beef curry or black pepper cool? Because usually eat meat almost everyday and I never like to eat fried. Just wondering if kicap, curry, black pepper or any other style ok or not.

Eliminating bread seems impossibel for me. I have bread every single morning. Its easy to prepare and pack. Is there a certain brand of bread that can be an exception

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jasinta selvi said...

Is doing workout also very important or is it okay just control the food intake only ?

Banu Priya Rajan said...

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will follow up and update u soon....

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Satmongkol 97 said...

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Lilly said...

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Fred Yass said...

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How to Lose Weight said...

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It is as good as the previous site which i follow
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Unknown said...

Hey, ur doing great. U might wanna skip to potatoes too. Just like rice, it is also carb/starch. What's usually do, is I make choice between these 2. So if I take rice, no potatoes. If I take potatoes, no rice. Of course the second option would a plate of just dishes. But hey, u still got the carbs you need either ways. 😊

Rachel Van Weiringen said...

Hey, ur doing great. U might wanna skip to potatoes too. Just like rice, it is also carb/starch. What's usually do, is I make choice between these 2. So if I take rice, no potatoes. If I take potatoes, no rice. Of course the second option would a plate of just dishes. But hey, u still got the carbs you need either ways. 😊

ROSE R said...

I don't know any percentages, but I lost 8 lbs in 3 months with no real exercise regimen. I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks doing just what I said. I now exercise for 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week. My friends are shocked. Heck, I'm shocked. And the best part, I got here in little digestible increments.
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I have lost 4 KG of weight without exercising. All I did was to drink a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach. I give credit to that. Some of the credits I wish to give to Pure Acai Berry Juice because it is the only thing I started drinking to lose weight and saw myself losing weight within 2nd week.

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Unknown said...

I have no idea...can gv me a idea..daily meal taken .i didnt cook at home..mostly eat outside stall .how do i selected the meal to get my weight losss goal..really no idea .in malaysia too much heavy food..

Unknown said...

I have no idea...can gv me a idea..daily meal taken .i didnt cook at home..mostly eat outside stall .how do i selected the meal to get my weight losss goal..really no idea .in malaysia too much heavy food..

Charlene Ann said...

Great blog. I lost 10kgs in 3 months through dieting and exercise.
My Diet Plan :
- Idli/ Chapati with raw homemade chutney
- Vege Sandwich (wholegrain bread, no dressing)
- Fruit Salad (lemon juice dressing)
- Vegetable/Chicken Soup
- Porridge(add mushroom and add chicken for protein)
- Vege Salad (add boiled eggs for protein)
- Fruit Salad
- Vegetable Soup

Exercise :
6 days a week of 1.5 hour jogging

Idli, chapati and wholegrain bread are carbs but low in calories.
Idli - 40 to 50 calories only
Chapati - 100 calories only.
It makes me feel full. Something like a substitute for the usual rice meals.
To satisfy tangy or spicy craving i blend tomatoes, chillies, mangoes, ginger,
Pudina leaves etc to make different types of chutneys to eat with idli, chapati
Or bread. I DO NOT eat the idli or chapati with curry or dhal because of the high calories.if the vege or fruit salad taste to bland i add on lemon juice to satisfy
my cravings for sour taste. Every now and then i add chicken, eggs or mushrom to my salads
or soups to make it tastier.

vindiesel1245 said...

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Deborah Waldorf said...

Hi., I want to know what should I eat to lose weight? Because I really need to eat rice in the morning. I don't really care of not eating rice in afternoon or evening, but eating rice in the morning is a must for me. Any suggestion what should I do then? I mean plain rice.. not fried rice.. as I don't like fried food in the morning. What should I eat for lunch and dinner then?

Kitty Holiday said...

Deborah: yes, you can eat rice in the morning if it's steamed or boiled. Try to eat only after you have done some exercise or after weight training because this burns fat a lot faster. Make sure you add an egg or some fish with your rice so that you get some protein. Rice only once per day is no problem. If you eat salads and vegetables and good sources of protein for the rest of the day, then it's perfect. Do not eat bread or noodles or pizza or cake or biscuits or any type of processed foods. Stick to "whole" and natural food sources. Even a tin of sardines (in spring water) is a much better option for weight loss and health than one piece of organic homecooked biscuit. Good luck x

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Adelle Kearley said...

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Jimmy Ibrahim said...

Alright here goes. I have been losing a lot of weight by reducing the portion of food I eat and by skipping all types of sugary drinks. Almost hitting the 30 kilos mark now. But as I progresses I stuck in the weight mark of 90+ kg and its been a while. I eat very less and my diet consist of these

1) a cup of green tea
2) fresh food/salad with honey mustard dressing

1) mixed rice (sometimes mamak's curry) the portion of nasi very little
2) subway sandwiches (wrap)(choices of 6g fat and less, honey mustard dressing or olive oil only) (alternative)
*sometimes I don't eat rice at all

I usually dont eat and straight to back

I stick to this diet but now for a month my body weight is stagnant. How come?

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farah. anya said...

I'm not sure if my diet plan is right. Is this diet plan I'm having is OK for me?

1 toast of bread
1 hard boiled egg

1 or 2 toast of bread

I skipped dinner

I only drink water and I didn't munch any type of snack.
What should I do with my diet plan?

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Whatever your workout, bump up its intensity at least once a week. Brian Flatt 2 Week Diet Plan

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is it okay if my diet plan

breakfast - bread or hi fibre biscuits
lunch - rice ,mixed veggie and telur dadar
dinner - bread or hi fibre biscuits

usually every evening i jog for 15km and above and do some workouts

Amir Hafiz said...

Ive been doing workout in the gym (strength) for nearly 2 months now . Ive been taking whey supplements all along . It helps me drop weight by 2 kg a month . Its good but the downside is im not sure whether it is a fat loss or muscle loss. How do i know whether its a muscle loss or fat loss. Thank you

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Norfarhana Rozian said...

Hi there! I'm in dire need of help:

My husband and I r staying with my parents.We often end up eating dinner as late as 10pm as we r always in the rush (picking up kids,go back home, finish off pending chores n finally cook dinner/eat outside).

To make things worse, we absolutely hve no time to exercise,honestly. Criticise me all u want but these r the laments of a typical working mum with big fmly.Even our mornings and weekends r fully occupied with chores.FYI, we don't have a maid as my mum prefers to do all the chores herself.

Things would go worse whenever I go back to my husband's hometown once a month. My mum in law would cook rice and fat-laden dishes to celebrate our return, and of course, she'll ask me to add a 2nd portion after I finish my meal. I don't want to offend her so I eat them all up until she's satisfied.

Our waistlines r definitely getting bigger, and I'm sick of it. I tried lots of fad diet and slimming products (u name it, I've tried it) and none works for me. What should I do?

Keshween Singh said...

hey bro, if my university can be consider far from the town to get fresh dieting type of food and my uni cafe only have malay heavy in calories food. What would you suggest me for taking for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Unknown said...

Hi, I did my ByPass in Jan 2018 and 3 months hv passed. Need some advice on good diet and healthy food for my daily consumption, tQ

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