Thursday, April 16, 2009

How fit are you?

Have you ever wondered how fit you are? Or have you ever wondered what the average fitness level of everyone should be? Of course the fitness level for each of us will be different depending on how regularly and how intensely we exercise. However, even if you don’t exercise at all, it is recommended that you meet this minimum fitness level. Being at this minimum fitness level ensures that you you are decently fit and that you are in the relatively safe zone for chronic illnesses caused by obesity. I am not saying that if you meet this level you will not get ill and that you will live forever. However, you might want to check your own fitness level and see if you meet it. If you are below this fitness level, it just means that you are at a much higher risk for chronic illnesses caused by obesity (such as heart disease) than those who are are in the zone. Being below also means that in terms of strength and fitness, you are below the minimum line… so maybe you may want to do something to ensure that you meet at least the minimum.

How do you find out how fit you are?

Simple. Here is a simple test which will take less than 5 minutes to do and at the end of it, you will know how fit / strong you are. Match your results against the table below and voila… you will know your fitness level.

Knee Push Ups – As an adult, you should be able to do a minimum of 5 knee push ups. How are knee push ups different from normal pushups? Instead of resting the weight on your toes, it will be resting on your knees as shown.

Chin Ups – You should be able to do at least 1 chin up as shown below.

Squats – Without weights, do the squats as shown in the picture. You should be able to perform at least 10 reps. Do it slowly without any jerking.

Sit ups – Get into the position as shown. You might want to put a towel or pillow for the lower part of your spine to protect it against the hard floor. You should be able to do at least 10 sit ups.

Running – Try this in your office or home. Best if the stairs are 2 storeys high and continuous. You should be able to run up at least 2 storeys of stairs without stopping. When I say run, I mean sprint up the steps. If you have to stop in between to catch a breath, it means bad news.

So take some time to try this out at home and see how fit you are. If you can perform all of the above or more, then bravo… you are in pretty good shape. If you can’t, then maybe you need to consider doing some amount of working out to bring up your fitness level.

Let me know and I look forward to hearing your comments.


gunther_furlong said...

It's amazing how I couldn't even do chin ups 6 months ago. Now I'm fit.. wooo hoooo ! :)

.ani said...

Coach ... am unfit and likely to be gone before 50 ... **sigh**

Rajan said...

GF: Did you try all of it? I am glad you are able to do it.

Akuani: Auntie... how are you? Long time no see. Actually i know most women might have difficulty doing some of these... which is why it important for you to not only do cardio to lose weight but also to build your body strength.

BTW, how is the work out coming along. Me mentioned your case to wifey (who is a doctor), and she says you should lay off also lah.

let me see if i can come up with something which is less impactful to your knees but yet can yield the same fat burning effects.

.ani said...

am alive and still kicking coach ... the walking has been reduced considerably - weather withstanding and work ... and just bloody pain in the knees - isk!

have cut down to rice just once a day and i avoid that too if I can ... eat earlier and smaller meals. and now started taking meds for my knees plus use knee guard.

But i want to lose the damn weight!! still got 8 mths in 2009 to get something happening on the scales :)) - I remain optimistic Coach! :))

The Corporate Athlete said...

Phiew, i'm fit ... :)
p/s - I use 1-mile run to gauge one's fitness level.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

as for me, it goes without saying. as long i can push my wheels around, i'm good.

Rajan said...

Auntie Ani: let me work out something for you. I am convinced i can find a way for you to lose weight without wasting your knees.

I am thinking you might have to follow a strict diet with some low impact exercise. gimme some time to design something up for you.

CA: Bro.... you way beyond normal people's fitness level-lah... tak main-lah. This is meant for normal people.

Kerp: Totally understand. Hey i can design a special wheel chair exercise routine for you if you like.

.ani said...

Coach: thanks so much ... :D

shall not give up without trying :) ... Coach my biggest grievance is my midriff (I can live with the rest of my less than perfect but this tummy section - ARRRRRGGHHHH) - muscle tone is non-existent - can we focus on that and look forward to what you come up with for me :))) - you're a star coach!

think Kerp could also do with a focus on tummy trimming ehehehehehhe

anfield devotee said...

Baca pun dah penat . . .

Rajan said...

Ani: I hear you.... will tailor make something which emphasizes the mid section and a diet plan which will complement everything. BTW... did you measure yourself to see if there has been any loss? just curious.

AD: hehehehe.... my next posting exercises you can do with a beer mug and jug. hehehehe

.ani said...

coach: despite the walking and all i actually ended up with extra 3kg even with reduced intake - was like WTF is this ... but like I said - remain eager to make this happen.

look forward to your suggestions, in the mean time going to completely cut out rice (aaarrghhhhhhh)

Rajan said...

Aunti Ani: You gained weight? That is hard to believe.... i really thought you would lose something.

Don't despair auntie.... coach will give you something new to try out. But i think even your food has to radically change-lah.

.ani said...

Coach ... does that mean boiled saltless oil-less food? sigh ... ok ok been down that path before - i can do this :))

you can believe it think me standing on the freaking scale going you gotta be kidding me!!!!!

oh well never say die :))))