Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 5 Cures for a Hangover

I was listening to Rick Dee’s Weekly top 40 over the weekend and was listening to his Top 5 cures for hangovers. Sounds like useful facts. Hope it helps all you drinkers out there.

Number 5 – Eat a hearty Breakfast.
After a heavy night of drinking, you need to eat a hearty breakfast. A hearty breakfast which is high in fat and protein actually helps to absorb all the toxins from the alcohol, hence removing it from your system quickly. Not the best for your wasitline and your health, but great for getting rid of that nasty hangover.

Number 4 – Drink Lots of water
Alcohol is a like a sponge for body fluids. Hence after drinking, your body will be totally drained and all that water needs to be replenished. It is recommended that for every glass of beer you drink, you drink the same in water. So if you drink 5 pints of beer, you will need to drink 5 pints of water. I am guessing that when it comes to hard liqour, each shot of liquor should be balanced with one full glass of water.

Number 3 – Take Panadol
OK, US people are not familiar with Panadol, but he did mention some drugs which are equavilent to our all purpose Panadol. So Panadol is not just an antitode for fever. It’s a great drug that helps with hangovers as well. The key is to take medicines that do not upset your stomach. Pills that say it should be taken after food are usually the kind that will iritate your stomach. So pain killers are a big NO NO. This is because your stomach has already been iritated with all the alcohol, so adding more iritants to your stomach will not help. Stick to Panadol. It works just as fine without iritiating your stomach. Truly a wonder drug.

Number 2 – Sleep
After a heavy night of drinking, your body is working overtime to breakdown all the alcohol and get it out of your system. Hence sleeping will allow your body to do this process faster without over exerting it with other activites. I personally believe that Number 4, 3 and 2 is the best way to get rid of your hangover. After a night of drinking, drink a ton of water, pop a couple of Panadols and get a good nights sleep. If you wake up and still feel like you just got hit with by a train, pop 2 more panadols, drink more water and off to bed again. You will wake up fresh as if you never drank.

The Number 1 for a hangover – Don’t get drunk in the first place.
He he he. I guess most of you would have seen this coming. But yes, the best way to prevent a Hangover is to not over drink the night before. Key word is not to overdrink. So know your limits and stay within that if you want to avoid a hangover.

Anyway, look forward to hearing your comments, especially from our regular, Mr. AD. I know this is not 100% related to fitness, but I think it is still related to health and your wellbeing.


akuani said...

Rajan - No 5 is the one I subscribe to heehehehhe - and thankfully I've never had to suffer the effects of over doing my alcohol ....

And we shall meet - I promise ... :))) just let me get these mad work out of the way first and after CNY - I'm good to go :))

Actually wait Kerpie and me are thinking 28th .. can? or before that best? Ani is all geared up to get healthy **grin**

akuani said...

damn it my eyesight is shot - I mean Number 1 eheheheh - chis chis!!

Anba said...

Bro... in my many years of obsering ppl drinking... Drinking below the limit is something like a Miracle very seldom happens..
Its always like hae a Can lah..then becomes a Jug...a Bucket then A barrel..then Vomit then

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

me, together with anba can skip this post la rajan, for obvious reason.

Rajan said...

Akuani: Yes yes... we need to meet. I have been swamped with with work too off late, so CNY time will be great to meet if we can. I already have your program in my head.

Hehehehe.... i like reason number 1 too.

Anba: You are absolutely right. was talking to Premo the other day and he said there is no such thing as "let's have 1 beer". Honestly, it has never ever happened. you go for 1 with the impression that it si going to be an early night... and next thing you know, its 10 beers later and its 2am.

Kerp: no worries man. I am still waiting on AD for his comments. i want to know what he thinks of Number 1. hehehehe

anfield devotee said...

He he. Sorry fer late reply, busy la.

Yes me can vouch fer the panadol cure. Does work. Usually pop a couple of actifast after a heavy session & they do help.. Certain pharmacies carry Alka Seltzer as well & they do relieve the symptoms of hangover pretty quick.

ps: akuani & anba: booooooriiiiing.

Rajan said...

AD: Thanks for your expert input. hehehehe. BTW, no comments for Tip Number 1?

anfield devotee said...

And what? Lose our identity as Indians completely?

Whatever next? Chinaman to stop gambling?

Rajan said...

AD: Hehehehe - nice one.

Anba said...

balaji:- Regarding Indians yang tak minum...
just this new year eve..one of me distant relative just comitted suicide after learning that had his massive drinking had fookin damaged his liver beyond usage..so member used the shor cut method..leaving his wife n kids...kudo's...
Dunno bro abt your place..
coz in my place me have seen lots of indians drnking pagi frm petang.. now their children also following the father footsteps.. in the liqour n also sundry shops ... Me have seen lots of wasted indians unable to walk, pee..vomit fight beating their wifes n all in me hometown ... enough to last of couple of lifetimes..

akuani said...

Anba ... not the ideal way to deal with the situation, not even an intelligent way - but I suppose that relative of yours thought of his short term resolution of his possibly long term suffering. I feel for you.

Your angle is very different from what AD was probably intending - but I still advocate No. 1 as the way to go ...

Rajan: Great meeting up last evening - and thank you for making the time. You're a star!