Friday, May 20, 2011

Poll Results - Weight Loss Options

It's time for the much awaited discussion on our recent poll. Let me apologize for not updating anything in over 2 weeks, been busy traveling and just never got a chance to sit down and type this out. I know its a Friday... and i could wait till Monday to post, but i decided, lets not wait that long. So here you have it.... a post on a Friday. so do enjoy.

Anyway, lets get down to business. There was a total of 68 votes this time around for the question "If you had to spend RM 2,000, to lose 10kg, which weight loss program would you choose?" The options were
  • Taking a miracle pill for 30 days
  • Exercise with a qualified PT for 30 days
  • Meal Replacement
  • Slimming center solution

The answer, much to my surprise was Exercising with a qualified PT. Well i definitely voted on this, but i am surprised that over 64% of the votes were for this option. Why am i surprised, because almost everyone i meet is always asking me for some shortcut to lose weight. So i personally felt that this option would be the least popular one, but turns out i was wrong. Oh well. This is why we run polls to test our guesses. So i was proven wrong again. But then again, the answer could be skewed because most readers of this blog are already actively working out, so for them, hands down, this is the most sensible solution. I am just guessing. anyone care to share your thoughts?

2nd place goes to meal replacement. Though far away from exercising with a PT, meal replacements received a total of 13 votes. Guess more and more people are opening up to the idea of meal replacements. Again, i am in support of using meal replacements, but i disagree if you replace all your meals with meal replacements and don't exercise at all. Exercise provides you with a whole host of other benefits besides just burning calories.

Slimming center received a total of 7 votes. Honestly i thought this would win hands down. Looking at the number of slimming centers sprouting out everywhere, they are like mushrooms after a rain storm. If you go to Damansara Uptown, you can easily spot about 5 or 6 different slimming centers in that area. But only 7 out of 64 felt that this would be their choice. Again, i am guessing this could be due to the fact the readers of this blog are fitness-a-holics.

Lastly, the ever popular (or not so popular) miracle pill only received 4 votes. My guess, most people are just not comfortable with this because of the constant horror stories we hear about slimming pills causing drastic side effects. Honestly, if i had to rate which one is my least likely option, it would be this compared to the rest. YES, i would choose a slimming center over a miracle pill... but ONLY if i absolutely had to.

So there you have it folks. The votes are in and the people have spoken. What was your vote and what was your reasoning behind that. Do share your thoughts wit us. As usual, look forward to hearing from you.


Aizan Suhaira said...

Well I don't think you should be surprised with the results. Those who bother to read fitness blogs are already aware the only way to permanent fat loss is to follow a healthy diet and exercise. It is a lifestyle change, not a short-term solution.

Sadly, most of the people out there are ignorant of this fact. And thus slimming centres still have a field day conning people left right and centre.

honeybee said...

hye.. im out of d topi 4 a sec =) jus wnderng.. is thre any of ur brnch in penang?

Rajan said...

aizan: ah... so you are of the same opinion as me. The results could be skewed because of the type of readers we get

Honeybee: are you inquiring about a gym? sorry... at the moment we don't have a gym. We specialize in home based personal training and fitness consulting for corporate clients. but "when" there are plans to open a gym, i will keep you updated.

amilia syuhada abdul majid said...

I like your blog as it give real fitness and exercise information that I believe lack in Malaysia.

Regarding your pool, i believe the respondent is bias for fitness results. This is because the respondent is the one who read this type of fitness blog/information, hence would definately answer the fitness regime. Unless the pool/questionaire is place at slimming center, the answer might be otherwise.
Just my thought...