Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Supplements Should I Take for Optimal Health

For optimal health, our body needs a steady supply of vitamins, phytonutrients, anti oxidants and minerals. Ideally, we should try to get these nutrients from our food, but in today's hectic world, ensuring we get enough from our food alone is a huge challenge. With most people eating processed food and eating out all the time, it really becomes difficult to ensure your body gets enough of all the essential ingredients it needs to keep itself in optimum health.

The solution - supplementation. Its no wonder that hundreds of companies out there saw the need for supplementation and believe me, it is big business. Now the key here to note is that the supplement capsules you take should be used to supplement the deficiency of certain nutrients from our food. It should not be used as a replacement. So where possible, you still want to make sure you try to eat healthy food. But it is a good idea to still supplement your nutrition daily just to ensure you get enough for to maintain optimal health level.

So there was a problem, and then there is a solution. However, the solution has given rise to yet another problem. If you were to walk into a pharmacy today, there will be hundreds of possible vitamins and supplements that you can take. From garlic extract to Omega 3 to milk thistle, there are just so many supplements out there to choose from that it can be confusing. The big question is, should i be taking all of them? If you were to ask the person in the pharmacy, they will tell you YES, Garlic extract helps to promote A,B,C and prevent D,E and F while milk thistle helps to do G,H and I and so on. Ever get caught in this situation before? I know i have. All you want is a supplement to ensure you get enough essential nutrients to stay healthy. I don't want to take 30 tablets and capsules a day. Is there a solution?

Yes there is. You really don't need to swallow 30 different tablets to get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Like i mentioned earlier, most of nutrition should come from your food. So if you do have a relatively healthy and balanced diet, you won't need to swallow so many tablets. Unless you have a specific condition or deficiency, you really don't need all those products. To see what each vitamin and mineral does and whether you should invest in it, check out the link below. Its gives you a brief explanation of what each vitamin and mineral does


As for me, here are the supplements that i take daily to stay healthy.
  • One multivitamin a day (this covers most of your daily vitamin needs)
  • 1000mg of Vitamin C
  • Nutrilite Double X
  • Omega 3 (to help balance out the ratio of Omega 3 & 6. Most chronic health problems today are being attributed to too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3 to balance it out. )
Now you are probably wondering what double X is. Double X is essentially a supplement made from plant extracts such as alfalfa, parsley, acerola cherries and other plant materials recognized as being nutritionally beneficial. In short, double X helps to take away the guess work in nutrition supplementation. One serving of Double X a day ensures you get enough Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients and anti oxidants all in one. Best part about Double X is, its 100% natural and comes from plant extracts, and not synthesized like other vitamins out there. So one dose of Double X really helps to ensure you get enough of everything to stay healthy. The other supplements, i am sure you are familiar with.

So what supplements should you be taking? I would highly recommend that you follow something like me unless you have a specific condition that requires additional supplementation. What i take daily is just the basic to ensure your body has enough of what it needs to maintain optimal health. i think most people out there will benefit tremendously by following my simple supplementation formula. Don't get tricked by the sales people in pharmacies. Do a little research to discover if you truly need anything else besides what i mentioned above. Again, the supplements i recommended up there are to be used as a supplement and not as a replacement. The best source is still your food. As usual, look forward to hearing your comments.


anton said...

I had heard about reputation of Nutrilite products in the market. It is one of the top five largest food supplementary diet products producing company.
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Siong said...

I want to for the Nutrilite Protein drink as supplement to increase my protein intake and act as post workout drink. Is it ok?

Rajan said...

Anton: You are absolutely right. I am really impressed with the quality of nutrilite products. best part, its all organic, all natural.

Siong: I am currently taking nutrilite protein as my post workout meal / drink. And it has worked wonders. I am now able to reduce my body fat % without sacrificing too much muscle mass. Previously with food, i found it more difficult to do that.

Rajan said...

One more point to add. I received a lot of emails asking where to purchase Nutrilite products. Unfortunately, you can't purchase it in any pharmacy. You can only get it from its registered distributors.

I am one of their registered distributors, so if you need any Nutrilite products, please contact me directly at rajanrj@hotmail.com.


Xuely Shin said...

yeah!! i take double X,bio c..and the protein!

Rajan said...

xuely shin: Thats great. You are definitely on the right track for health.

Xuely Shin said...

ooo..thanks..!!! glad to found your blog!!

Xuely Shin said...

is whey protein cannot be taken more than 6 months??
How about soy protein(nutrilite)?

Xuely Shin said...
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Xuely Shin said...

do you take whey protein to build muscle? lean muscle??

Rajan said...

xuely shin: i take nutrilite protein after my workouts. i mix the 2 scoops of the plain with 2 scoops of mixed berry into 1 cup of Soy Milk... all in all it gives me a good 30 grams of protein post workout.

Ya, so far its been wonderful in helping me build lean muscle. Rest of my meals, i take lean meat whenever i can.

aesh came said...

great blog! great info's and tips as well. thanks for the reviews. A worthy read.

Herryponting said...

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