Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia - Part 2

Due to popular demand from last weeks post, here is Kasey’s second post on the Biggest Loser Asia. Take it away Kasey….


The Biggest Loser Asia is probably the best reflection of everything that's wrong with the fitness industry at large. WHY Fitness First would have their name attached is... well, just another part wrong with the fitness industry at large.

At first I was so astonished by the trainers Dave and Kristy's complete and total ABSENCE of any education whatsoever, but now I think I'm beginning to understand it. Given the premise of the show, which is to tear people down with no regard to their well being and completely screw them over under the pretense of 'getting in shape', you'd simply need trainers who really DONT know fitness, and will wear their ignorance like a badge of pride, as they smile and make complete fools of themselves.

Just to make sure, I decided to do a little research and find out what their qualifications were. I started at the Biggest Loser's website, where you can find a profile on all the contestants and even on the host, and yet you cant find anything on the trainers themselves. Almost like they're deliberately keeping the trainers info off the site.

I found 2 profiles for Kristy - one here:

and the other here:

So after viewing these, turns out I was right. She doesn't have any qualifications... at all. No degrees, no certs, nothing. This is probably why she gets snippy that her opponents team is drinking liters of water because she doesn't understand drinking water doesn't cause you to lose fat. Maybe understanding a few of the mechanisms behind fat loss, such as epinephrine, its effects on beta-2 receptorcites, the release of triglycerides from adipose tissue, the use of fatty acids in the aerobic pathway of energetics, etc might help.


Gosh, I cant figure out why my clients have all plateaued! Oh wait I have an idea! WORK HARDER!!! Oh what your knee snapped again? Well that cant be my fault (cuz I'm the trainer and all) - KEEP WORKING!(snaps a whip) "whhhPSSH!" HARDER YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING FATTY! As your trainer and someone in whom you've trusted your health and well being to, I will NOT be showing you any of the compassion or encouragement that one would routinely expect from a health and fitness professional!

Anyway, lets take a look at Kristy's profile, shall we? (Yes I'm picking on Kristy but that's only because Dave is not such a douche).

From the first link I provided earlier:

Although a little bit more low profile
Yeah being on national television is SO low profile. I mean its practically a mandatory step in the witness protection program - go on nation wide TV and tell everyone who you are! You probably mean her fitness background is low profile but that’s only because its embarrassingly absent of any of the qualifications you'd expect from a fitness trainer.

Kristy Curtis is no less accomplished than her counterpart Dave Nuku.

◘ A woman with noodly arms who probably couldn't do the exercises she demands from her clients with no education at all in the field she's supposedly an expert in? I'm guessing Dave wasn't training professional athletes.

She is one of Australia’s leading health and wellness expert

◘ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH man!!! Seriously a f*cking kangaroo could do better!

who runs her own personal training business

◘ Running a business is an entirely separate issue. I don’t know what Kristy's business qualifications are, but if she can recognize market trends, understand supply and demand, anticipate changes in consumer behavior, manage a sales team, and keep comprehensive records of business transactions, then she might be great at running her own business! In fact as long as you've got the start up capital needed, you could skip the need to understand anything at all about fitness by hiring others to handle that for you. In other words: running a business is not a fitness qualification. Nice try though!

and is a Group Fitness Manager in an international fitness chain where she teaches classes all over Sydney.

◘ Only serves to reinforce my point. Maybe she's a good manager and can handle loads of paperwork, but this isn't a fitness qualification either. Its painfully obvious from watching the show that concepts such as fat loss are just wayyyyyy over her head.

Kristy has lived in London where she worked in the corporate fitness industry and her passion for fitness has taken her all over the world in spreading her message.

◘ Wow, what a fantastic way to keep a low profile!

Of Chinese-Australian descent, Kristy faced body image issues as a teenager,

◘ Really? Cuz, I mean, it’s so rare that teenagers have body image issues.

a struggle that she conquered

◘ Yea most people grow out of it.

and went on to become a National Aerobic Champion.

◘ Now this sounds impressive at first, but after considerable research, I couldn't find any aerobic competition Kristy had entered in which she won the championship title. That’s sort of a mandatory step in being able to call yourself a "National Aerobic Champion", with capitalized letters no less, with any degree of honesty. What’s even more conspicuous is that the year, date, and location are missing. Not even the name of the event where she supposedly won this title, or the name of the organization that hosted it.

I mean this is a truly impressive title! You don’t just go leaving it in the dark like that! Its possible she simply forgot to give any details when they asked for her profile, but its unlikely someone so accomplished in business would make an error like that. Not unless you were deliberately keeping details off your profile... much like keeping the trainer's profiles off the The Biggest Loser website.

I could be completely wrong on this, so to be sure, I tried sending an email to The Biggest Loser Asia website, requesting more information. This part of the site doesn't seem to be working, so its off to the site forums next! We'll keep you updated in the comments section.

Also just had a look at Dave's profile (seen here; ).

I wont go into my usual routine on this one, but he does seem slightly better. Although again, I think they might have been looking for people who *weren't* qualified and who would just provide more drama. I mean really, even on the website's forum under "Experts", where its written

"The host and the trainers are there to help the contestants lose weight."

There aren't even any replies! Not from experts or the trainers from the show! Did they just completely forget about putting this here?

Look forward to hearing your comments guys.


Lexis Excellence said...
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Aizan Suhaira said...

Hmm.. I think Kristy's business will suffer after this. Maybe she should send out resumes and get a job as a business administrator. Or a credit collection officer.

Nizam said...

Yeah Kristy sucks. But Kasey, what degree do u have then?

Probably none - which is why you cant even qualify for a basic CSCS (cos they need a degree to prove you're not a twat), so hence you go ahead to create your own certification with your part-time shag mate Rajan.

Lexis Excellence said...
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Lexis Excellence said...
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Rajan said...

Kasey: You sent me the post last week and you are right about the "i am the trainer so listen to me" bit.

this week's episode, i saw Kristy running her mouth to Tony telling him that she is the trainer and he has no right to tell her to shoosh... does anyone remember that scene? i was surprised by her lack of manners.

As for Nizam, i think he is generally just not happy with life itself. Probably a PT who isn't quite making it in life, so he likes venting off his frustrations here. Oh well...this is what happens when you have a popular blog i guess.

Lexis Excellence said...
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Lexis Excellence said...
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Buddhaphish said...

I don't follow the show but this blog entry just reeks of nastiness bitching. Whine whine whine.

The sad thing was that I was rather interested in the programme that you guys are hawking on this site but this nastiness to tear someone down (to promote yourself) is just not inspiring me either to sign up! Grow up guys.

Rajan said...

Buddhaphish: The purpose of this blog is to share fitness related information with everyone. If there is someone out there who is not following the scientific principles of fitness, wouldn't you want to know about it? Or should we just ignore the fact that this show is a breaking so many fitness principles and tell people its OK to do the wrong things. I am sorry, i can't do that.

I still watch the show every weekend, but its just for entertainment and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.