Monday, January 25, 2010

The F.U. Model

I was conducting a teambuilding training a couple of weeks back and one of the things I use for my training is what I call the F.U. Model. Now I know many of you are thinking of F*** You, and jumping about in astonishment…but actually, the F and the U stands for Fed Up and not anything else. Now most people (including our parents) will teach you that being fed up is a negative emotion and should be avoided. Even if you feel fed up with something, you should plough through and work hard, because that’s how they all did it.

Well contrary to the popular belief above, I actually feel that being fed up is a useful feeling as long as you know how to act on it. The problem arises when people feel fed up, don’t do anything about it and then become depressed. For me, feeling Fed Up is your brain telling you that it needs something to change and you should listen to the signals that your brain is telling you.

Now the F.U. Model is divided into 3 simple steps as stated below:-
1) What is it that you are fed up about
2) Why are you feeling fed up?
3) What is the action plan you can take to overcome this

So the simplest example I can use, which I think everyone can relate to is being fed up with your current job. So the answers to the questions will be something like below:-
1) I am fed up with my job
2) I am fed up because of the pay package, the way my boss treats me, the long hours, too much politics…
3) Start applying for a new job by sending out resumes, looking in the news paper, JobStreet etc

So now, with that being said, the same model can be easily applied for fitness as well. Now assuming you are fed up with being overweight, below is what your F.U. Model will look like
1) I am fed up with being fat.
2) I am fed up because people always make fun of me, I have limited options for clothes, I am unhealthy
3) Join a gym, Start working out, eat less, avoid oily fried foods etc.

Now when we talk about being fed up, it has to be where you are really unhappy and truly fed up with the situation. Then using this model helps you focus your attention and energy in the right direction. If its just a matter of an inconvenience or a nuisance, than chances are this model will not be that effective, as you can still live with it and overall, you are still generally happy with the way you look. Yes, you could look better, but at the same time, things now aren’t that bad. The level of frustration you feel will determine your level of commitment, which ultimately translates to how successful you are in changing.

So what happens when you are fed up with working out? Well let’s look at it using the F.U. Model
1) I am fed up with my training / Diet
2) Because I am not seeing results
3) Change my training, change my diet, do some research to find out why I am not seeing results. (Law of Variability)

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve in life, if your decision to do so is very strong, you will definitely reach success. In fact, about 60% to 70% of how successful you are will depend on how strong your decision is. If it’s not that strong, don’t worry about it too much. It means you are relatively happy with the way things are. And as long as you are happy with things, then nothing else matters does it.
So try it out and see. Not just for fitness, but for anything else as well. As usual, look forward to hearing your comments.


The Corporate Athlete said...

oh your entry came right at the time where I needed it most.
p/s - yup, you're right - I tend to find ways not to get fed-up. I'm doing it without realising that there's actually a pscyhological model to support it. cool!
p/s1 - I'm just FU with work now and thinking of doing something crazy. hehehe

Rajan said...

CA: i hope this model helps. When i give training using this, people are amazed with the results. With regards to work, well maybe your brain is telling you something. :-)

premo said...

Well said bro. If you're fed up about something, do something about it. Be proactive, not reactive.

Alot of people complain and whinge (all of us are guilty of that at some point of course) but all talk and no action leads to nothing.

What I've learnt is that we all have to overcome stumbling blocks in life - whether at work or otherwise. To make progress is to overcome challenges and to learn from past mistakes.

The best way is to be consistent and disciplined in reaching one's goals or objectives. Each person has differing sets of abilities and strengths so being realistic and practical does help. Sometimes we encounter a relapse, but such is the cyclical nature of human behaviour - we tend to fall back into what's familiar (comfort zone) even though those things may not be good thing for us.

In this case, taking notes and reevaluating the process and the position ur in is essential in keeping check. A post mortem is almost as important as having a plan and sticking to it cos it helps us understand what went wrong, how and finally why.

Rajan said...

Premo: Well said dude. You are right, we are all guilty of falling into our comfort zone when we fail. Hopefully this model helps to put things in perspective and reduce those incidences.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hmm... this F.U. thingy is definitely not a new concept. And I've been doing it for years.

Sick of stupid job? Quit and get a better one.

Sick of stupid people? Get new circle of friends.

Sick of plateauing when working out? Find a better workout system.

Rajan said...

Aizan: i guess its easier said than done for some people. Glad to know you have the right attitude.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Good one Raj. Of course i was unaware of this model but back then when i got so FU lying in bed 24/7, it gave me the encouragement to figuratively 'get back on my 2 feet'.

Rajan said...

Kerp: i am definitely glad you got out of the rut. Yours is truly an inspiring story dude.

anfield devotee said...

Fed up but still persisiting?

Macha, we are Liverpool supporters la dey . . . we get PLENTY of fooking practice . . .

Rajan said...

AD: there always is the option of switching teams. :-) he he he he

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

hey chief,

am facing it every day. sometimes i make the right decision, most of the time am farkin up. the mistake i suppose i make, in a non-fitness context is not taking notes an evaluating. or rather, maybe i haven't really given much thought to evaluate.

that having said,

Fed up and still persisting?

i'm a spurs fan, believe me we get
MUCH MORE practice than the reds at that..mwahhahhahahha

during mid to late-80's era, the level of euphoria got to..erhm..a rather fanatical level. the kind of imagery that can induce a suburban wet dream (complete in team colours of course) - e.g. glen hoddle / ossie ardiles combiningg with over the top "escape to victory" style backflicks to score that awesome final goal in the fa cup final. that was just before the 87-cup final...and since then, have no such wet dream whatsover. at least not-football related....what? only cup games? no league champion dreams?..told yu, we have A lot of practice.

sorry, can't change team la bro. definite no.
weird to some, but that's how it goes.
its football.


p.s. pardon the footietalk...tried to stop.."but it keeps pulling me back in..."

Rajan said...

Moz: wazzup... long time no see. How are you man? anyway the thing on changing teams was purposely put there to iritate mister AD. hehehehe

no worries about the fottie talk... you can rant abot anything you want here.

anyway, hope the F.U. Model helps you to put things in perspective and find the right solution