Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll Results

Alright… I know this has been long delayed, so lets review the survey results of our recent survey. Sorry for the late posting. Just got back from Chiang Mai, Thailand yesterday. Will post some pics about that trip in my next posting.

Anyway, back to business. In this survey, I asked if people would be bothered if they knew their Personal Trainer was a smoker and the results are as expected.

More than half of respondents said - Yes. They would be bothered with this fact. Interestingly, I interviewed about 20 full time Personal Trainers and almost half of them are smokers while some others said they were casual smokers and only smoked when they went out clubbing with friends. Interesting stats… it seems to match with the demographics of their clients. I asked these trainers if any of them have been turned down by customers because of their smoking habit. Some said they tried their best to hide their smoking habit from their clients, while others said they couldn’t care. For them, they said there are lots of customers out there and there is bound to be mismatches – so if they don’t want me to be their personal trainer, there are loads of others out there who wouldn’t mind.

29% of the respondents said, they don’t mind they trainer being a smoker as long as they knew their stuff and was able to impart that knowledge to them. I am guessing the logic behind this is who cares what the trainer does to themselves, I am paying them for their knowledge and nothing else.

I also asked if its OK as long as their trainers looked fit and 6% said that is more important to them than anything else. This was kind of a trick question / answer. When Brad Pitt was bulking up for his role as Achilles for the movie Troy, he was still smoking as usual. Did he look fit? Absolutely. Would you have wanted him to be your Personal Trainer. I am sure all the women are wishing they could change their answer now.

And finally, 12% of respondents said the didn’t care at all. For them, personal training is just a job like everything else. Just like you have doctors who smoke and people working in McDonalds who eat in KFC, there is nothing wrong with that. I actually put in my answer as this, as I feel what a PT does outside his/her job is their own business. But at the same time, I do understand if some clients feel uncomfortable with this… so it is a matter of personal preference.

So what was your asnwer and your reasons for choosing the answer. Do share and as usual, look forward to hearing your comments.


.ani said...

Coach ... it would bother me because smoking is in itself unhealthy practice - my apologies to those tobacco supporters :))

and sometimes I wonder if smokers realise - they can be body fit and all but smoking is still killing their lungs and throat and causing secondary smoke to those around them - it's a non-excuse even if they are gym buffs :)

just my 2 sen la Coach :))

The Corporate Athlete said...

it makes alot of difference if the trainer is doing it out of passion (which directly translates into a lifestyle) or merely a job (which more or less due to a cool image/impression that he or she wants people to have on them).

Passion = Total Wellness!

-just a 2cent view-

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cant remember my answer back then but i dont think its an issue. i mean, not that your trainer puffs away while both are working out, right?

Rajan said...

Ani: Auntie...Good doubt smoking is bad stuff and second hand smoke is also bad. But i think like kerp said... as long as the trainer doesn't smoke during your session, its his/her choice. I know it reflects badly, but hey i think all of us have some bad habits which we are not the proudest of. But nonetheless, i also agree that all of us have a right to choose whether you are ok with your PT being a smoker or not.

CA: You have a very valid point bro. passion for something does make a huge difference. Thanks for the point. But for some smokers, they are what we call a disgruntled smoker.... not happy that they are a smoker, but at the same time can't quite quit as well. Not saying that this makes it OK, just a different perspective to consider lah.

Kerp: I think we are both on the same page about this issue. Thanks for the comment dude.