Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Wraps - Recipe

I have been experimenting with some tortilla recipes, and I think I finally hit one that is light, healthy and most important – tastes good. The good thing about all these tortilla recipes, it only takes about 20 minutes from start to end. So it’s easy to make. I call these “Hot Wraps” and if it becomes famouse, please tell everyone you read about it here.

So here is the next recipe for you guys to try out.

The meat that goes into this is up to you. My favourite is using ham slices, but you can also do grilled chicken, cut it up and then put it into the wrap.

1) Tortilla or Chapati (if you want to be healthier)
2) Grilled Chicken, Roast Beef, Ham – any kind of meat preparation is good. Just stay away from sausages and instant burgers like Ramli
3) Onions (Yellow ones are better since the red ones have a very pungent taste when its raw)
4) Bell Peppers (the green ones have the best taste.)
5) Tomatoes
6) Lettuce
7) Chilli Flakes (Dominos Pizza has super chilli flakes or you can used dried chilli and chop it up finely)
8) Mayonaise
9) Cheese (this is optional. If you are a health freak, you can ommit this. But if you are like me, a little cheese goes a long way in taste. Mozerella tastes the best I think, but you can use other kinds as well)

1) Spread a light coating of Mayonaise on the tortilla. You only need to spread for half.
2) Place your meat down first ensuring the it also only takes up half the tortilla.
3) Dice up the Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and shred some lettuce and top it over the meat. You don’t want to overdo the vege as it will make it difficult to close if it’s too full. Lettuce is bulky, so go slow on it. Add these vegs based on your taste and preference.
4) Finally, sprinkle some chilli flakes and shredded cheese over the whole thin and fold it in half. You will need to press it down a little so it holds it shape and doesn’t open up.
5) Get your fryer nice and hot, and just toast this over the fryer without any oil. Once the tortilla is crispy and slightly browned, flip it over to taost the other side. Once it is done take it out. This process should only take about a minute.
6) Get a sharp knife and cut it up as shown.
7) Serve and enjoy.

So hope you guys give this a try. It is easy to make, tastes great and healthy. So do try it out and as usual, look forward to hearing your comments.

PS: Anyone have any great recipes for grilled chicken or other meats? I usually just copy the recipes from Liscense to Grill on AFC and use that for sandwiches and even my wrap. But if anyone has any other good recipes for grilling chicken and other meats, please do share.


The Corporate Athlete said...

hi rajan.. great recipe and I did Chicken Wrap most of the time too. If you can avoid the mayonnaise altogether, that will save you alot of calories. Fyi, this is how they prepare a jar of mayo - break an egg, fill up the entire jar with vegetable oil, add pepper and salt for seasoning, and blend them on high speed until the entire mix solidifies to white. That's mayo. so, a teaspoonful of mayo is as good as putting a teaspoonful of oil into your mouth. Hope that clarifies.

Rajan said...

CA: Aiyoh bro....Mayo memang is unhealthy... but what to do... a bit for taste OK lah.

anfield devotee said...

Rajan, substitute mayo with yogurt or sour cream.

Instead of chicken, try slow charcoal roasting a slab of GOAT (Kambing Kampong) meat marinated with yer fave ground spices over a charcoal fire. Unlike lamb or mutton, goat meat has far less fat content.

Its an absolute fooking treat in tortilla skins!

The Corporate Athlete said...

totally agree with anfield devotee. I use Set Yogurt (less moisture) with a bit of honey - it's defintely better taste than mayo .. :) You can even blend fresh mint with yogurt for a good spread on your wrap.

Rajan said...

AD: Wow.... health tips coming from you. that's a first. hehehehe.
but great suggestion. sour cream sounds good though.

CA: I must try this out... yogurt and Honey.... i am guessing it will taste similar to Mayo minus all the guilt factors. thanks for the tip bro

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

unless the buns are soft, i'd prefer having my meat without any wraps on it...

eh, that turns out to sound very sexual la...aisehh...

Rajan said...

Kerp: hehehehehe... it's OK. coming from you, we understand fully. hehehee

Natasha T. said...

Thanks for sharing Rajan, I find your recipe very interesting will certainly try out this weekend, but minus the mayo :p

Natasha T. said...

Thanks for the recipe, will certainly try it out this weekend, minus the mayo:p