Monday, May 11, 2009

How to firm up your Breasts

Ok, this posting is specially for women who feel they would like to firm up / lift up their breasts but not sure what to do in terms of exercise. Guys, please stop drooling. I know many women are afraid to attempt anything because they are afraid of becoming totally flat. To be fair, its important to explain a few facts about breasts and hopefully with a better understanding, more women will take this on.

Breasts are mainly made up of fat tissue. So just like your cup size will grow when you put on weight, inevitably, your breast size will shrink a little when you start losing weight. The amount you gain or lose depends on your genetics. Some women who are lucky can have a 28 inch waist but a nice 36 inch chest, while others may need to have a 32 inch waist before they can enjoy a 36 inch chest.

To firm up and lift up your breasts, you need to strengthen your chest muscles. Your stronger your chest muscles, the more firm your breasts will be. Don’t worry…. the aim of these exrcises is not to train your chest like women body builders. It is aimed to strengthen it a little to help you with that little “lift” that you need.

So what is the routine?

Dumbbell Pull Overs – Start with extending your arms behind as shown in the picture. Stretch as far as you can without letting the ball roll. In one movement like an arc, bring it up as shown in the 2nd picture.

Perform 12 to 15 reps of this for 4 sets. Rest for 1 to 1½ minutes between sets.

Incline Dumbbell Press – Start with your arms pointed above as shown. Bring it down as shown till your arm is parallel to the floor. Raise it back to the starting position. This counts as 1 rep.

Perform 12 to 15 reps of this for 4 sets. Rest for 1 to 1½ and a half minutes between sets.

Perform 4 sets of both exercises 3 times a week and you will be able to see some visible results. The weights you choose should be a little heavy…. Heavy enough where you have considerable difficulty reaching 15 reps, but not too heavy where you can’t even do 12. Ensure its not too light where you can perform 15 with ease.

So ladies...Go Ahead. Try out this routine and soon you will have guys dropping at your feet.

For the Guys.... all i can recommend is to tell your GF or wife to try this so you can "enjoy" the results too. hehehehe

Look forward to hearing your comments as usual.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and i thought those big rubber balls were meant to be kicked around.

anyway, no wonder la chics in leotards normally possess succulent round boobies...hehehe...

another useful info. and i mean very. will definitely spread the word (to obvious someone). thanks bro.

Pull Up Bars said...

Is it better to do more reps with less weight, or try to use an amount of weight that pushes your muscles to the max (i.e. an amount of weight that I can only do 12 - 15 reps with before I am gassed)? Thanks for the tips!

The Corporate Athlete said...

always getting remarks from clients that exercising tend to flatten up their boobs ... u know what's the ideal composition of muscles:fat in womens' breasts?

Rajan said...

Kerp: spread the word bro.... and hope you enjoy the rewards hehehehe

Pull up Bars: i think you should stick with the max of 12 to 15 where you get totally blown away to firm up and strengthen the muscles. Doing too many reps will not be productive and doing lower reps and higher weights is more for bulking up... not recommended for women. Hope this answers your question

CA: don't know the %-lah bro... but from what i understand, different women store fat differently. But losing a some size from working out can't be helped... since breasts are made up of fat tissues, and when you lose fat, you will inevitably lose some size as well.

anfield devotee said...

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And truth be told, the album is pretty kick ass. Though it still shouldn't excuse the 13-year hiatus.

Perhaps u should give it another go (without expecting it to be Appetite).

Me even rates it ihgher than the pair of Illusion LPs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?