Monday, February 23, 2009

Staying fit while on Holiday

So there you are laying by the beach, margarita in one hand, and sun block in the other taking in the breathless view. You are on your holiday and all the worries of the world are far behind.

Most people workout hard to look their best during the holiday, and once they are at their favourite holiday spot, they let loose. Nothing wrong with that. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and i am the king of letting loose as well. But if you wondering how you can still stay fit during your holiday without blowing away all your hard work and also to keep looking good throughout your holiday, you have come to the right place. There are actually lots of things you can do during your holiday to stay fit. Especially if you are on a long holiday, you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste and start from scratch once you get back. So here are some tips on how to stay fit during your holiday.


Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise cause it gives you a cardio workout and strength training all at once. And which holiday destination does not have a swimming pool? If you can hit the pool for 30 minutes (actual swimming time not just sun bathing and floating around in the water like a buffalo) your good to go. You will be able to chow down almost anything you want, and your body will look fit as if you never left the gym.

Go for a walk or a jog

If you are by the beach, get up a little earlier than everyone else and have a quick jog or walk by the beach. It may not be as much or as effective as your gym work outs, but like I always say… something is better than nothing

Kayaking and other outdoor activities

If you love the outdoors, then you don’t have to worry about staying fit. Whether it is jungle trekking or kayaking, if you are a nature enthusiast, I am pretty sure you will get plenty of exercise during your holiday. Kayaking is great for your shoulder, arms, back and of course it burns a whole lot of fat. So try to get involved in outdoor activities and you will be good.

Push Ups, Sit Ups, crunches

These are exercises you can do just about anywhere, anytime and you don’t need any equipment. I usually like to get a few crunches in before I head out to the beach… gives your abs that little toning that you need to look your best. If you have a series of exercises, do all of them before you head out. It will make you looked a little more pumped and best of all, it is still a work out. Try it out and see.

Using the hotel gym

For those who are more hardcore, you can always depend on the hotel gyms for your workouts. When? You can always get up about 30 minutes earlier and sneak in a quick workout. If you don’t have a gym, you can always resort to doing some of the exercises mentioned above. It won’t be equivalent to your gym workout, but it sure the heck is better than doing nothing.

Now that you get the idea, going on holidays doesn’t have to mean you will come back looking fat. I always hear people say “oh I just got back from a holiday, that’s why I put on some weight” or “I need to work off those extra holiday pounds now that I am back”. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can stay fit while you are on holiday. I look forward to hearing what other great routines you guys have and want to share with others.


The Corporate Athlete said...

Suprisingly, I worked out alot whenever I'm holidaying .... this is the only time that I have plenty of time for myself (and for family of course). We practically do one activity after the other & end up getting more fatigue! :)

Rajan said...

CA: That's great man. Me, i am in the water most of the time... either swimming or doing water related activities like kayaking etc.

The ultimate which i have yet to master is surfing... hehehehee

anfield devotee said...

Yer one wet fart la you . . . holiday pun mau kacau.

What happened to thani, thani & thani some more?

Rajan said...

AD: No-lah... its not about kacau-ing holiday. just want to promote the idea that going on a holiday doesn't have to mean you must add on additional pounds... you can limit the damage.

also should you wish to burn off all those additional inches from all the thani, well now you got you will look nice and fit in your swimming shorts. heheheheee

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cant help but to agree with Bala on this one la chief. vacation simply means wallop. PERIOD.

but of course, recreational activity like kayaking for example, is a form of exercise. but if you have that in mind, it beats the fun of breaking the routine.

Anba said...

Depends on the occasion...
Jogging on the beach early in the mornin in one of me Fav exercise...

jogged in Pulau pangkor..the stretch at Pasir Bogak is really great
Langkawi also good mah..

The Early morning sea breeze blowing on your sweat soaked skin is among the best experience u can get

Bernard said...

Here's a tip for keeping fit whilst on a holiday - bring some kids along. Keeping them in check or joining them in their activities is a good enough workout. I should know. Rajan, you want to try it out I can rent out my kids to you. HA! HA!

Life's Like That said...

Hmmmm....have not had a holiday where I actually exercised. Like AD says, it's thani, thani and more thani. No wonder I always come back fm holidays more tired than before!

Off to climb Mt Kinabalu this weekend, so needless to say, I will be "exercise-d" to the max!

Rajan said...

Kerp: Waahh... AD's vote seems to be the most popular. hehehehe

Anyway, me not saying you need to be a fit-o-holic during the holiday and have no fun at all. But if you wondering how to reduce those unwanted holiday pounds, so you don't feel bad when you get back, well now got some options lah. I also go for holidays for fun... not to be fit... but where i can, i try to slip in a few work outs here and there-lah... nothing too intense.

Anba: Yes... jogging by the beach in the morning when the sun is just rising and everything is quiet.... memang unbelievable experience.

Bernard: Hehehehe... no thanks bro... but thanks for the offer. In fact me purposely travels when its not school holidays because i can't stand hundreds of kids going berzerk in the pool. sometimes i wonder what the parents are feeding those kids. hehehee

LLT: Wow... Mt Kinabalu is awesome. always wanted to do it, but never did. but i heard the little rest stop at the mid point has become very pricey. RM 300 plus a night. Me and wifey wanted to go as well, but when we heard the price, we were quite pissed off.

Life's Like That said...

Rajan : That's what u get by privatising it. Anyways it cost each of us RM1,350 inclusive return air tickets, 4D/3N food n accom, airport transfers, guides etc. We booked thru a travel agency.

Anyway,i have heard u can get it all done for abt RM850 if u do the bookings yourself. It is a bit more tedious but u save abt RM400.
So, the choice is yours!